Handmade "Strawberry" Luxury Whipped Shea Butter

Handmade "Strawberry" Luxury Whipped Shea Butter

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Our pots of Luxury Whipped Shea Butter are absolutely fantastic for the skin!
This pot has a gentle hint of strawberry.

Raw Shea Butter works wonders in healing the following:
Shortens healing time of cuts/burns and reduces accompanying dark marks.
•A natural way to ease the redness and discomfort of sunburn, and speed healing.
•An emollient which penetrates the skin quickly, Shea Butter moisturizes your scalp and helps to reduce and eliminate dandruff.
•If you have chronically dry skin or Eczema, using Shea Butter provides natural moisture to your skin and relief from itching.
•Applying Shea Butter immediately helps take the sting out of insect bites. This will allow the bite to heal faster, as you are not scratching.
•Raw Shea Butter is fabulous for massages. It melts on contact with your skin, providing a smooth, relaxing experience.
•Over the counter creams are often too harsh when dealing with nappy rash, and can cause further irritation. Sooth your baby’s bottom with natural Shea Butter instead.
•Shea Butter has natural anti-inflammatory properties. If you suffer from arthritis pain, rubbing your joints with Shea Butter can help. It is also good for soothing post workout muscle aches.
•While nothing can totally eliminate stretch marks, using Shea Butter to moisturize your skin during pregnancy can hinder them from appearing. Also, using Shea Butter after stretch marks appear can aid in minimizing their appearance.
•Want wrinkle prevention? In the areas of Africa where Shea Butter is widely used, the elders have amazing skin. Shea Butter contains essential fatty acids, along with Vitamins A and E, which are essential to maintaining skin elasticity and softness.
•If you are prone to hyper pigmentation or dark marks, regular use of Shea Butter can help even your skin tone.
•Of course you want your skin to be touchably soft all over. Use Shea Butter regularly as part of your morning routine to soften your elbows and knees, eliminating that dry, rough look. Using our sugar scrub once a week gives the added benefit of exfoliating the dead skin that has accumulated, revealing softer, brighter skin.
•The anti-inflammatory properties of Shea Butter can help to reduce the redness of acne. Also, Shea Butter is excellent for fading dark marks and acne scars.
•Naturally contains vitamins A and E, which have to be added to synthetic skin creams
•Perfect for chapped lips.
•Softens and heals cracked skin. Shea Butter is great for feet, elbows, and knees. Use after a pedicure for superb softness.

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